domingo, 31 de julho de 2016

Cyberstalking em 2016: o novo campo de expressão do pior da natureza humana, tornado num problema epidémico, com crescimento exponencial

"Online harassment is a problem of epidemic proportions that is increasing around the world at an alarming rate. Frequently cloaked in anonymity and with an air of moral righteousness, online trolls and cyberstalkers reveal the worst side of human nature in their efforts to attack and suppress the expression of free will and freedom of belief.

There have always been people with a predisposition to preying on others. The schoolyard bully, the jealous friend or ex, the boss hiding feelings of inferiority by putting down his employees, or the numerous cases throughout history of people persecuting, assaulting and harassing those who live outside the status quo".

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  1. O lugar perfeito para a proliferação dos monstros, mas também o lugar perfeito para serem aniquilados, em defesa da Civilização :-|


O Cyberstalking é um crime contra a Cidadania. Sinalize-o e denuncie-o

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