segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2016

Doxxing, trollying & cyberstalking, as novas variantes dos relacionamentos sociais patológicos

"There are a number of common behaviors or tactics which may be used to harass and intimidate others online. These include:

publishing private information such as names and addresses online (known as doxxing)

making cruel, malicious and defamatory false accusations and posting falsehoods as fact in order to discredit or humiliate their victim and damage their reputation

repeated threats of harm or death threats (in some instances calling for killing sprees of targeted groups or individuals)

encouraging others to harass the victim

goading on or urging others to commit suicide and defacing tribute sites of the recently deceased

monitoring online behaviors and gathering information in order to harass another

subjecting an individual to ridicule in online forums through name calling, pejorative labels or hate speech vandalism of websites (eg. Wikipedia) and mass downvoting or negative reviews of websites, books, products or videos"

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O Cyberstalking é um crime contra a Cidadania. Sinalize-o e denuncie-o

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