quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2016

Setembro de 2016: Kassandra Cruz sentenciada, na Flórida, a dois anos de prisão efetiva, por perseguição obsessiva (cyberstalking) e tentativa de extorsão de atriz de cinema porno

"Kassandra Caridad Cruz, of Miami, found a woman identified only as “S.B.” on a porn website, figured out her real name, and sent her friend request on Facebook and Instagram in June 2015.

Cruz pretended to be a Marine named Giovanni, apparently figuring that was the most likely person S.B. would befriend. S.B. accepted the requests and all was well until that September, when she noticed that Giovanni was “following” and “liking” (quotation marks are the DOJ’s) her friends’ posts as well. She thought that was weird, so she “blocked” and “unfollowed” Giovanni.

From here, things escalated quickly. According to court documents, Cruz began threatening to tell S.B.’s family and employer about her past work in pornography. She threatened to go to S.B.’s place of work and called S.B.’s parents".

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