domingo, 1 de novembro de 2015

Alvo prolongado de cyberstalking, a violinista Mia Matsumiya compila e publica no seu Instagram ("Perv Magnet") 10 anos de perseguição virtual

"Most women have encountered some form of sexual harassment in their lives, but many choose to ignore the offensive comments rather than engage the person insulting them. But after 10 years of enduring nasty remarks on social media, professional violinist Mia Matsumiya, of Los Angeles, is finally taking a stand against the men who have verbally assaulted her. Last month, the musician launched an Instagram account called 'Perv Magnet', in which she posts screenshots of the 1,000 graphic messages from 'stalkers, perverts and crazies' that she's archived over the past decade."

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O Cyberstalking é um crime contra a Cidadania. Sinalize-o e denuncie-o

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